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Review by from Windsor Storage Units |

New to the Storage world, we love Easy Storage; it's easy to use and customer support is great. Ken was there from the start and he still likes me, even after all the phone calls I made to him before we installed the software. Once we installed the software, Ken helped us set it up till we where happy. We like the prices and I think we will be with them for a long time to come
Thank You, Ken for all your help!!!
P.S. Thanks for all the updates and improvements you made
making your software better all the time.

Review by from S & J Mini Storage |

We are new to the storage rental world (2012) and chose Easy Storage Solutions because they offered everything we needed at a great price. After researching most of the software/website companies out there Easy Storage Solutions had everything we needed: a great website, gate system connection, online payments, email communication with customers, online accounts, reports, and etc.

Our website was easy to set up and we were ready for customers quickly and painlessly. Whenever I had a question, customer service was there ready to help me, whatever it should be. Our unit setup was finished in no time and we can continue to make changes and/or add units with no difficulty whatsoever.

Easy Storage Solutions has awesome software for rental units. I am happy I chose them.

Review by from Newport Storage of Tennessee |

This company has the best customer service I have ever worked with. Jimmy returns my calls and emails right away, and is always very professional and patient with me. We are new to the storage unit business, so I am learning as I go. Jimmy has helped me every step of the way. He answers all my questions even if they have nothing to do with the software.

As for the software, it could not be more user friendly. These guys thought of every detail. We were up and running in no time. At one point, I thought the closing on our storage units might fall through after I signed up with Easy Storage Solutions. When I explained the situation to Jimmy he said if things did not work out at our closing he would refund all our money. That was after he already had everything set up! I wish there were more companies like this.

The price is also the best I found during my research.

Sign up with this company. You will not regret it.

Review by from Roddy Creek Storage |

Easy Storage Solutions is easy and affordable. As a manager, new in the business, I was looking for something simple and cheap! Before, I was using Microsoft Excel and it was working well but I was spending way too much time on keeping it updated and organized. I started using Easy Storage about a year ago, and I'm glad I did.

I took a lot of time and asked a lot of questions before I decided on Easy Storage. I shopped around and talked with many people. Every time I called Easy Storage, I talked to the same person. It's very easy to use, and if you're uncomfortable with something, one of the owners of the company will walk you through it, specifically covering all the bases. They have THE BEST customer service possible.

I have 52 units (10x10) and 10 lots (exterior parking). Easy Storage makes it easier to call, email and postmail customers about paying or locking out, or auctioning. Before switching, I had about 30% of my customers overdue and about 10% space available. Now I'm down to 6 customers overdue and ZERO spaces available. The online capabilities for my customers has also made them happier and made it easier for them to pay!

Review by from Wayne Mini-Stor |

I've only been using their software for a couple months, but it was super easy to set up and get started. The daily inputs are even easier - intuitive and fast.

I'm loving it even more as I have begun using more than just the basic bookkeeping feature, although that feature alone was probably worth the low initial fee and reasonable monthly rate. Jimmy and Ken were very helpful in getting the website.

Review by from AAA Self Storage York Nebaska |

We purchased existing storage units October 10th 2010. We inherited a ledger card system of managing each of the storage unit's accounts. This was time consuming and had many opportunities for errors or pitfalls.

After learning about Easy Storage Solutions from my friend Jim of U-Save Storage, my wife and I finally reviewed the program and signed up.

Ever since we have been incredibly happy with the program. I work in outside sales full time and travel the entire state and my wife is a full time employee of the local elementary school. With the Easy Storage Program, we take care of the units on the office side with an iPad, laptop and smart phone). It's allowing us to invest in self storage and setting us up on a growth pattern in that investment plan toward retirement and allowing us to maintain both of our own full time careers.

Review by from U-Saveselfstorage |

I own and manage 75 units in a small Midwest market. Easy Storage Solutions has made my
job easy. I have another business and I'm able to work with renters in a quick and sufficient manner. I log in and can pull rental and payment info while still being at my main business. The ease of being able to bill electronically and send receipts and billing automatically is a great time saver. I have several renters set on reoccurring billing that I never have contact with. The system just bills, collects, posts, and accounts automatically.

Support with Ken or James is quick. They always have been very helpful. When an opportunity came up at year-end they were able to set me up in a short amount of time and I was ready on Jan 1 to transition renters into the system.

If your into or going into the storage business, this software is a cost-efficient way to keep on top of things and save yourself a lot of work and headaches. I highly recommend it.

Review by from 7th West Storage |

I manage a small self storage facility in Salt Lake. We recently purchased "Easy Storage Solutions". We went from filing cards, didn't take credit cards and a whole lot of paperwork to be done monthly. I have only used the software for a short time but already the ease of the navigation and setup makes a difference just in my daily log in. Jimmy was a great help and support in my learning the ropes for the transition to go from paper to computer.

Review by from All Star Mini Storage |

We are small self storage facility, in Springfield, OR. We are also the oldest self storage facility in Springfield.

Being the oldest has advantages, everyone knows your name and location and we get lots of repeat business. Disadvantages: not as 'new' looking, no heated units,or moving walls, no computer system. We also have an out of state owner, so we had to depend on "snail mail" for updates and reports. We used the old fashion ledger cards and spreadsheets. We also had an old fashioned manager, so when she retired, I really started pushing the need for a computer system, as the owner and I were corresponding through my email via my home computer.

It was an easy sell. He started looking around for a web-based system and found Easy Storage Solutions. You can imagine my surprise when my assistant manager called and said the owner stopped by on his way through town and dropped off a new computer system, fax, copier, printer; it was like Christmas. I was emailed a name and phone number. I called and talked with Ken, he walked me through a demo and I liked what I saw.

We started using Easy Storage Solution in Dec. of 2009. It was easy set up and easy to understand, and because it was web-based I could work on the data entry at home. It took me about a week to get tenant info entered, along with the unit sizes, rent, deposits, etc. I have trained several office support personnel, even a few not-so-computer-friendly guys and no one has had a hard time learning. Ken was there all the way, if I called he was there, when I made a mistake he was there, when I had a suggestion, he would listen and most of the time there would be a change. Anytime I called and told him that I needed this or that and why, he would get someone on it. Customer support has been awesome.

Our tenants love that they can get online and pay their bills. You can rent a unit online and, as we are an older complex, we don't have an on-site manager, so this is really nice. I love the fact that if an assistant manager is on duty and needs help, they call me, I log in and walk them through the problem. The owner can now get online and download any report needed; he can see account statuses, past due, deposits, revenue, lost revenue.

It's an easy, time-saving program.

Review by from Columbus Storage |

Columbus Storage has been in business for 9 years. We have two locations in central Indiana and are family-owned.

In our market there is a large company with 5 locations in my backyard and over 500 locations in 3 states. We needed to compete on a level playing field. Our competitor has a web presence with 2 key elements that allow customers to rent units and pay online. We started a search to acquire a program with the same features, especially since we found that the younger generation does all their searching for products and services online.

We were using a generic invoice program and Excel spread sheets with Yellow Pages advertising to operate our business. Looking back, I see now that we were operating in the Stone Age.

We priced several companies and considered their features. Most were highly overpriced and suited for large corporations. After several weeks of looking over and running demos of Self Storage software, we were fortunate to contact Easy Storage Solutions.

Easy Storage Solution’s software has many special features designed for the Self Storage industry. The price is suited for any size company, from small to large. The software is so easy to use and is packed with many tools to operate your business. It includes a complete web presence where customers can rent online, manage their account and pay online. There is a recurring billing feature that charges your customer‘s debit or credit card automatically on the day rent is due (A GREAT FEATURE). Invoicing is no longer a pain; the software keeps track of all balances and late fees. Invoice day is now just a click or two and off to the printer.

The conversion to Easy Storage Solutions was very simple. The owners and staff are friendly and know our industry. Within two weeks after contacting the company we were up and running our new operating software. The customer support is top notch.
We have been using the software for 3 ½ months now and could not be happier. We currently have over 25% of our customers on recurring billing and several more paying online. Our bottom line has increased and collections decreased. Easy Storage Solutions has put our company on auto pilot. We spend a lot less time on daily operations.

The software pays for itself. We have rented to several individuals and companies from our website. They click on our web page, rent a unit, pay and sign an e-agreement, receive their renter’s instructions and start renting. What a great concept. Easy Storage Solutions is not just a business partner; they are part of the Columbus Storage team.

We recommend you sample their demo and contact their office if you are serious about improving your company and your bottom line. 

Review by from Climate Control Storage |

Great product; it's very easy to use. If you have any problems they will be there for you. I really like the program!

Review by from High Horizons Storage |

Awesome Company To Work With

My customers can book online.
My software is web-based so it's okay if my computer crashes.
My customers have their own online account where they can make payments and receive emails and text message alerts when a payment is due.
It easy to use. I have already had 6 people book a unit from my website and I didn't even have to do anything.

Nothing really, I love it!

I would recommend using this company! They do not charge you for support like a lot of other software companies do.

Review by from Tanglewood Storage |

Time-saving invoicing functions, internet accessibility, no backup required, great customer support and they're willing to adapt to the changing market.

None. We're very pleased with software.

We're very pleased. Highly recommended.

Review by from Keep Safe Storage |


Great! Easy to use and has exactly what I was looking for! Great support if I have any questions.

It doesn't control everything yet.

Great product. It's easy to use, easy to implement into existing systems and all questions get answered in a very timely manner.

Review by from Dodd Mini Storage |

I used to use a 20+ year-old DOS program. I looked at demoed many kinds of storage software. This program is easy, simple and does everything I want plus more. Jimmy went way above any beyond, helping me set up and switch from the old program. AAAA awesome!

I'd encourage anyone to try and use this fantastic program.

Review by from Secure Storage |


This program is awesome, very easy to use and really stress-free. The gentleman Jimmy Sorenson was very patient with me through the entire learning process and once he walked me through the system I haven't needed any additional help, which says a lot.

It's so easy to use it makes me wonder when the hard part is going to come in!

Love it. Fast to learn, great support and I love that I don't have to back up my files. Highly recommend this product.