Software Features

Self Storage Software- If you are an owner or manager of a storage facility, you can access Easy Storage Solution's self storage software from any device that has an internet connection (including an iPad). 

Software includes…

1- Settings Control- Determine what your late fee and grace periods are going to be
2- Unit Creation- Create unit sizes, prices, and descriptions of features of each unit
3- Unit Map- Conveniently see all of your units at once to scan and see which ones are rented and which ones are available.
4- Customer List- Allows you to search for customers by name or unit number
5- Recurring Billing- The system automatically charges clients each month for rent so you no longer have to run credit cards manually.
6. Text Message & Email Payment Reminders- The system automatically sends out text and email reminders when customer bills are due.
7-Invoicing- The software automatically creates a printer friendly PDF invoice for each customer 7 days before their bill is due.
8. Mailing Manager- Print letters and labels with customer data auto-populating where needed.
9- Account Credit- Credit a customer’s account if they have overpaid you
10- Payment Feature- Handle and monitor cash, check, one time credit card, or recurring credit card payments.
11- Manager Creation- Creates log-in’s for other managers to access the software from remote locations.
12- Statistic Tracking- Track ratios like booked/total units; customer rented/total units, manager rented/ total units.
13- Collections Report –Track all paid and non-paid customers in one easy location. Report shows customer name, outstanding balance, phone number, and unit(s).
14- Monthly Revenue Report- tracks and stores total monthly revenues for each month
15- Yearly Revenue Report- Month-by-month comparison of revenue throughout the year.
16- Lost Revenue Report- Shows vacant units and the money you are missing out on!
17- Built-in Client Email Manager- Email all of your clients at once or email individual sets of clients that you need to get a hold of.   
18- Support Application- Internally access a database of questions and answers 24/7 if you ever have a question about the functionality of the software.  Free customer phone/email support for life!
19-Gate Integration- Integrates with WinSen Sentinel, Chamberlain’s DigiGate 700, and PTI Integrated System’s StorLogix
20- Quickbooks Data Sync

Website and Software Integration- Easy Storage Solutions also creates a custom website that is integrated with its easy-to-use self storage software.

Website includes…

1- Online Payment Processing- Customers can make payments online 24/7
2- Customer Log-in - Customers can check balances, rent units, download invoices, etc…
3- Home Page- Pictures, icons and logos specific/custom to your facility
4- Website Editor- Allows you to change website content at your own convenience
5- Map Feature- Allows you to upload specific facility site maps
6- Unit Display- Displays prices and allows booking on all available units
7- Online Rentals- Customers can book units, agree to contracts, and make payments
8- Safety & Security- Automated backups, SSL certified site that encrypts payment info
9- “Contact Us” page- Allows your customers to see a Google map of your facility and allows them to send you messages that go directly to your email inbox.
Why is it so important to have a website that integrates with your software?

1- Websites are more convenient for customers and managers because they can be accessed through any computer that has the Internet.
2- Customers can check their balances and make payments online (cuts back on your time spent as a manager/owner)
3- Consumers look at facilities that have websites with more confidence, makes a facility look more professional.
4- In the long run, online advertising will take over and phone books will become obsolete.  More and more people are using iPads and iPhones to find storage facilities on Google instead of the yellow pages.
5- Having a website is cheaper than paying for phone book advertising