Free Demo

Please review this page to demo our self storage software. Our self storage software is web-based so you won’t need to download anything. Once you are directed to the demo site, follow the instructions or read below.

The demo site is made up of 3 different sections:

1. The Marketing Website
When you first get to the demo site, the first page you see is the homepage of the web site you will get with our self storage software package. You will be able to customize this website by placing your own logo and name throughout the website. Your clients will be able to make payments and book storage units online from your new website.

2. The Self Storage Software
Click on the “login” link in the upper right hand corner to view the self-storage software.  This will take you to the log in page where you should click on the button called "login as manager".

3. The Tenant Account
To see what a tenant would see if they were to login to their own account, click on the “login as client” button located on the login page.