Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Self Storage Marketing Tools, More Traffic=More Rentals!

The following methods are ways to get more traffic to your self storage facility website:

1. Google AdWords Account - Start switching some of your advertising budget from the yellow pages and other avenues to advertising online. Google AdWords is a great solution because you only pay for real traffic that is searching for storage in your area, and you can determine the budget you want to spend and Google will abide by it.

2. Website Tune-Up- Review your website and make changes to it that can help it look better and get a better ranking on search engines.

- Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions: Every web page has a place to enter Meta Keywords and Meta Description.
         Meta Keywords: are search phrases that people most likely type in search engines. Before you just start entering keywords, make sure you do some research. Google has a keyword search tool that will actually tell you how many people are searching certain keywords and phrases. Also remember to separate these with a comma, and remember that these are key “phrases” not key “words” meaning nobody is going to try and find storage in St. George Utah and only enter “storage units” in the search box, They would most likely search for “storage units in St. George UT”.
         Meta Descriptions: Meta Descriptions show up as a short description underneath the website name when you search something on a search engine.
Example: The description in the red box is considered the meta description.
 Note: There are different pages in a website, map, contact us, rent storage, etc. Don’t write the same descriptions for each page. Also remember not to make it too long. It shouldn’t exceed 160 characters.
- Create Backlinks: Backlinks are a great way to get your name and website out there. Backlinks do two things, First they make your website more accessible on the internet by putting your name and website link on their website. Second, backlinks are great for helping the search engines determine how relevant your page is to the search topic. Web crawlers crawl through all the different websites and analyze and rank your page. Note: Make sure you only place backlinks on other sites that are relevant to your website such as a marketing website or a storage facility database website. Don’t but a backlink on a hotdog website, because it’s not relevant to your website.
Here are a bunch of links(link to the list of backlinks) of other website’s in which you can create a backlink to your website.
 (Note: that we do not assume liability for anything that happens if they go out and click on some links to people that say they will help them get leads and then don't,  we are just placing these links as helpful resources, and we are in no way endorsing any of them)

3. Create a Blog with Articles: If your thinking you don’t want articles on your site because nobody will read them, you may be right however most people write articles for the purpose to increase the websites ranking and no so much for the consumer, however it should be for both motives. To create a blog on your website, you can go to the website tab and then click “new page”. Here you can name it as your storage facility blog and start posting unique storage articles. The more relevant content that you can add to your website the better. Make sure you don’t just copy other storage articles and paste them on your site, doing this can result in google and other search engines dropping your website in ranking. The Search engine webcrawlers go through all of your website content and compare it to other websites and if it’s the same, then your site looses credibility. Also be consistent with adding content rich keywords in your articles but make sure you don’t saturate your storage articles with the same keywords and phrases, this is called “keyword stuffing” and search engines don’t like this. Once you have created an article a great way for it to help your SEO work is for it to be published on other websites to do this you will need to submit it to different article databases. Here is a link of article databases. *(link to list of article databases)

4. Create a Google Business Account: If you don’t have a google business account it’s time to get one. The benefits are a no brainer. The service is free and the payoffs are great!
    It boosts your website traffic.
    It improves your search engine ranking.
    It builds authority for your brand.
    It improves the visibility and distribution of your content.

 Today your business at the very least needs to have a Google business page!

If your not familiar with how these pages work, it is actually really neat. When you create a business page, google will take that business page and throw it up on the first page of their search engine with your website address, hours, business info etc, when people search for storage units in your area. It comes up with a website link, picture, and a map of your location on the right side of the page. 

5. Multi-Channel Optimization:  This includes creating a business profile on social media channels like Facebook, Linkin, Twitter, Google, etc. This will help not only with a backlinks to your website but with more content and places to be discovered.