Thursday, June 6, 2013

Self Storage Software Credit Card Processing

Facts about Processing Credit Cards and Self Storage Management Software

A lot of factors have revolutionized the Self Storage industry in the last several years, and processing credit cards is certainly one of them! Handling credit cards is still a pretty new thing to many self storage facilities. Charging credit cards can either be a beneficial tool or it can be a negative discomfort in the buttocks. When it comes to processing credit cards a little bit of information goes a long way to understand how it can actually be a beneficial experience.

What are the Pros for Handling Credit Cards in your Self Storage Management Software?

  • The management software keeps everything automatic! invoicing and collections becomes a less intensive and tedious process.
  • Customers Can easily log in to their account and make a payment
  • Less visits to the bank and more available free time because the software automatically deposits money into your bank account.
  • Better retention and increased collections because of the recurring billing feature.

Sounds great right? Your probably thinking yeah, great, but what about cost? I know that I will find loads of fees upon fees when it comes to merchant accounts and credit cards. So here is a little break down of information regarding credit card processing. Have you ever taken a moment to take a look at all the different fees?


Breakdown of the average credit card fees
  • Yearly expenses, Charge expenses $99 year
  • Monthly expenses usually $5-$15 a month
  • PCI expenses $7.95 monthly if you are not compliant
  • Cancellation expenses $295
  • Setup expenses, normally $199-$299 to get started not such as cost to purchase machines
  • Per deal expenses $.10-$.50 per transaction
  • Processing Fee- normally between 1.5%-3%
All of the fees are a major turn off when the question comes up if I should go through the process to have the ability to charge credit cards even if it is through a management software. So what's the answer? Well... Easy Storage Solutions has joined with an organization called Rentpayment. In the last 5 years we have worked with a number of different a merchant account and gateways and Rentpayment are by far the best we've seen. We have  and fully incorporated our self storage management software to interface with their payment gateways.


So what are Rentpayments fees you ask? We like to keep things easy here at Easy Storage Solutions, and fortunatly so do they. Rentpayment has only one fee of 1.99%. They don't have any… Set up expenses, monthly fees, annual fees, termination expenses, PCI expenses, Per transaction fees.

Rentpayments only cost is a flate rate of 1.99% on all Visa, Master card, and Discover transactions.  Nothing Else!

A lot of the value to handle credit cards through our self storage management software comes because of the partnerships that Easy Storage Solutions has created with Rentpayment. Because we have completely interfaced our management software with their payment gateway it makes everything easy and convenient. This slick process has both treated a lot of stress for our current self storage customers who already have our self storage management software, as well has cleared up a lot more free time for them to do more of the things they want to do.

Help yourself, by looking more seriously into this self storage management software that is joined with rentpayment. You won't regret it, It really is the only affordable application built for small facilities!