Monday, June 10, 2013

Reviews of Self-Storage Management Software

Evaluations of Self-Storage Management Software

Your looking for some sort of management software for your storage facility. How do you determine which one is best? The following information will have a look in some of the distinct areas of self-storage management software programs on the market that would perform for your individual needs. There are 3 different distinct types. Primarily there is the Cadillac program which includes probably more features, reports, and options than you'll ever need or use. Secondly there are your mid-sized types which have the important management basics together with many paramount features, after which you've got your Pinto category that are constrained and simple.

These are our Prime Selections for Self-Storage Management Software
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  • Easy Storage Solutions is the greatest recommendation regarding small to mid-sized storage shops.  
  •  Sitelink will be the ideal regarding very very big storage facility operations who want every option availably known to man when it comes to management software functions. Large real estate property firms, huge organizations, real estate property trusts are usually the ones that take advantage of this kind of management software.

Let us delve even more in each of these different types along with review of a few of the distinct self-storage management software programs available. Be aware that these are only a few of the many self-storage management software applications out there on the market today.

Cadillac Variations of Storage Management Software packages

Most of these types of software programs are the more well known programs in self-storage management applications. These are generally the management software firms which may have quite a few functions, a multitude of reports, and lots of extra features, nonetheless they also occur at a higher purchase price, and lots of extra expenses.  Storage facilities with greater than 500 units, proprietors which may have several amenities, real estate property firms, along with huge organizations.

  • Sitelink Self Storage Management Software -- Capabilities consist of: Options of the web-based version or a stand alone version. They don't offer an internet website but for a fee they will connect you to a portal where a customer can log in and make a payment and rent a unit. Their setup costs can be $1500 along with $175 each month. Customer service is included. Sitelink offers the ability to charge cred cards for a fee. Gate integration can be obtained. updates are integrated for no cost. Exposure to sitelink would provide more in depth costs along and features.
  • Syrasoft Selft Storage Management Software-- Capabilities consist of: Web-based version. It doesn't come with a web page nonetheless they will connect to some sort of web site portal so buyers can log on and produce a payment this connection to the portal costs $1, 495. There are a few different kinds of plans available which cost either $995, $1895, or $2, 895. The $995 version incorporates a control of 200 units per facility. They include a couple of months of servicing but after those months are up, a once-a-year service can be between $449-$599. The software having the capability to interface with auto payment is $599, if you want a magnetic card reader it will run you $1, 149. having an ACH capability is another couple hundred. A kiosk can around another $595. Gate software interface can be $329. (pulled from their web page, on prices)
  • Centershift Self Storage Management Software -- Capabilities consist of: Web-based software. Isn't going to come with a web page but will connect to some sort of web site portal, for a fee, so that buyers can visit make a payment and rent a unit. costs commences in $79 every thirty days. Centershift will be similar to the other two above programs when it comes to features. Exposure to Centershift should be made to provide more in depth costs along with features.

Mid-sized Variations of Storage space Operations Software package

Most of these would consist of managements software programs like Easy Storage Solutions along with Emove. These software businesses target towards the small to midsize, probably from around 50 unit  amenities towards the 500 unit amenities.

  • Easy Storage Solutions (ESS) Self Storage Management Software -- Capabilities consist of: Web-Based software. Charges includes the setup fee + a small monthly fee determined by how big or small the storage facility is. One of several unique features of Easy Storage Solutions is that they supplies an internet site that is entirely incorporated using the software. It is not just a portal but an internet site where the user can adjust the content, add internet pages, put in links, content articles, pictures, video lessons, this way the user can work on getting their site ranked on google, and creates more ownership for the owner. The website includes the capability for buyers to access his or her records wherever they have an internet connection, they can make a payment, rent a unit, get a gate access code, key in a credit card. This all interfaces instantly using the management software. The management software has the capability to set up customers on recurring payments, it can text message along with e-mail payment reminders, auto invoicing through e-mail, several financial and customer reports, gate access integration together with PTI, Winsen, Digigate, Doorking, Alltec,  keep track of retail sale, Quickbooks integration. Cost-free software updates.
  • Emove Self Storage Management Software-- Capabilities consist of: Web-Based software. Charges includes a set up fee + regular monthly fee. It doesn't present you with your own web page but some sort of web portal is provided so buyers can access his or her bill. The ability of charging cards can be obtained together with a few expenses however you must make use the processor they say to. They can take reservations, the software will integrate with a gate, customer care, interactive site map, reports, tenant insurance plans however you must make use of the insurance carrier they say to. A few other fees they charge are 17 cents every time a check is run. Additionally they impose 20 dollars each time a customer rents a unit online.

Pinto Variations of Storage space Operations Software package.

Most of these would consist of applications like Tredds, or Swamp. Most of these management software applications are generally stand alone software programs that are for small facilities out in the middle of nowhere which just need the most basic management functions. They are economical nonetheless they also can come to be obsolete with time. Most of these software programs just above employing a simple spreadsheet.

  • Tredds Self Storage Management Software-- Capabilities consist of: Standalone version. No web page. The conventional version is $495 and is even more limited. The professional version is $795 but interfaces with a gate, along with charging cards, and has blue moon interface (only within texas). There exists a $249 per year fee regarding service, this includes updates. If you have more than one location for operating computers then and additional software license becomes mandatory, $150 for every laptop or computer.
  • Swamp Self Storage Management Software-- Capabilities consist of: Standalone version. No web page. The price is $599 which includes renting units, keeping everything organized, pursuing payments,  making payments, invoicing, price changes, a couple of reports, an affiliate site map. Extra costs will be establishing a card processing merchant bill together with PayPros or Faster Payment Technologies, which would end up being $99. an additional cc reader is $65 -- $268.